In 1968, the DEAD walked...

Now the DEAD will talk.

Board up the windows and doors!   More than 40 years after filming the 1968 horror masterpiece, Night of the Living Dead, the "dead" have returned in an all-new documentary from director Jeff Carney... Autopsy of the Dead.

Now you may be asking, "What?  Another documentary?  Is there that much more to be said about this classic film?"  And if so, the answer to your question is a resounding yes.  We've dug deep to exhume new insight from the many contributors of the original Night of the Living Dead that have never before been interviewed in print or on camera.  And despite the overwhelmingly grotesque number of remakes, reboots, theatrical adaptations and literary ramblings about this influential film, the simple fact is there has yet to be a truly thorough examination of the living history behind this legendary movie that has since attained the status of a bona fide cultural phenomenon.  Autopsy of the Dead takes a big step towards correcting this oversight... before it is too late.

Packed with extensive interviews, never-before-seen color photos, surprising behind-the-scenes footage, visits to the original filming locations and a wealth of other ghoulish surprises, get ready for the most in-depth visual document on the making of the great American horror film that just won't stay dead!

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